E-Learning Implementation

WebDB Technologies helps organizations evaluate different learning technologies, as well as offering ‘end-to-end’ e-learning solutions necessary to align training objectives with business goals. WebDB’s support is throughout the planning, implementation and support stages of an e-learning initiative. Technology is changing the way we do business daily, and sometimes there are so many factors and choices with e-learning initiatives, it is daunting, if not impossible, to understand what you need to know to make the best possible decision with the greatest ROI.

Content Development and Re-purposing

WebDB Technologies has qualified and trained content developers that can assist you in achieving return on investment (ROI) faster with the addition of web-based training to your learning solution. WebDB uses best practice instructional design and technology tools that allow for standardization of content design. WebDB developers are experienced in most major content authoring tools, as well as native web technologies. We also offer multi-lingual capabilities. Re-purposing existing content will give you the ability to use previously developed content, deploying in a manner that fits the audience’s need. WebDB can integrate courses directly to your learning system and ensure functionality is utilized.

Computer Simulation Training

Computer Simulation is the ultimate tool for interactive training and developing critical thinking skills. Simulation allows students to learn and make mistakes in a non-threatening, risk free environment. Simulations create a model of a real world system, mimicking the systems performance and allowing students to get as close the real thing as possible. Long used in high-end training situations such as aviation and the military, the advent of Internet technologies has dramatically widened the possible situations where simulation-based applications would be cost effective.

Typical applications include:

.IT application training
.Process training Sales and Customer Service training.